Monday, May 05, 2008


Well, never a dull moment in the Price household. I have decided that all piddly little holidays must be banned! On April Fools day Syd broke her elbow, which she was happily uncasted 4 days ago. Then today, Cinco de Mayo, when you are supposed to enjoy Cervasa mas fina or even a margarita....Ethan comes home from school with a HUGE 2 in. gash in his knee. Now, of course, hubby is out of town tonight, Syd had violin practice, a chorus presentation/manditory meeting before her 3 day trip out of town, much packing to be done because all luggage must be in tomorrow, all before 6pm. Sorry Ethan, you and your bloody hamburger meat knee must be patient. Thank goodness he wasn't really in any pain. We get home after zooming thru 2 drive thrus for oh so nutritious dinner. I am forever an optimist.....I tried several steri-strips and bandaids to no avail. So, being the good mom I am, I take a digital pic of it and send it to my nurse sis-in-law in MI for a second opinion. Her comment was "duh....stitches!" Ok, ok, ok.....I know probably not the proper order for everything but I got the monkey his stitches. Somewhere to the tune of 15 of them with a lovely leg immobilizer for the next 10 days! I guess we are out of the soccer tournament this weekend. Oy Vay! I must have a margarita now!!!


Scottland said...

If your kids were horses, they'd have been taken out back and shot by now.

KellBell said...

LOL, as I said on my text, I love your family. :)