Monday, May 19, 2008

Everything has a price...

Ground Sirloin (x2): $3.98/lbs
Hamburger Buns: $2.59 for 8
Grill Brush (for cleaning): $7.99
ER visit (x2) for grill brush bristle lodged in tonsil: $50 ($100 total)

Total cost for wanting a "real" meal over cereal for dinner: $118.54

Another weekend, another (two) ER visit(s). While eating dinner last night, the middle "found" a steel grill brush bristle and decided to pierce the tonsils. First ER refused to remove it for fear of hurting the child after tripping the gag reflex (but did not refuse to charge us our copay). Upon arrival at the next ER, we are shown nearly immediately in on curiousity factor. This doctor looks at the problem and removes it nearly on the spot. At this point, we weren't even truly registered. It took us 15 minutes longer to pay the second co-pay than to actually receive the service. Either way, the wife and I are blaming each other - me for my desire to have a real meal (complete with steel shards) and her for her desire to be "cost effective" on a grill brush, which then leaves the shards. In the end, we're both glad the kid is OK, but I'm really wondering how much three bubbles will cost because these medical co-pays are worse than gas prices for us these days...

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KellBell said...

OH MY LORD!!! Glad to know she's okay.