Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Break 2008

This past week was our spring break....finally! I don't know about other parents, but the BEST part of spring break, beside sleeping in, was not having to make lunches everyday. I don't know why I hate it so much, but I get so tired of trying to get creative everyday and remain healthy. Blah! Usually we don't go anywhere on springbreak because I have this thing about massive crowds. But this year we went to Savannah, GA for 4 days. We actually stayed on Tybee Island in a rented cottage. It was a very beautiful cottage and huge. We didn't much like the beach there, it was kinda smelly and didn't really feel like a beach.....but we weren't there for that so it was fine by all. We had a great time roaming around Savannah for 3 days discovering the amazing history and seeing the gorgeous houses/buildings. We even went on a ghost tour, which of course resulted in me and 3 kids in a king sized bed that night. LOL! Cozy! Unfortunately Darcy couldn't join us, he had to work, like a bazillion hours, so we did miss him. We will have to go back soon and see more. Hope everyone had a restful springbreak.

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