Sunday, April 20, 2008

Great weekend

This weekend was such a wonderful weekend. Spring is in full swing here in GA and we took every advantage of it Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we spent the day at the park with some friends along with a picnic. When we went home we decided we would also go out for dinner with our same friends. Just a good relaxing fun day. Today the hubby hit the golf course early while Syd, Ethan and I went to the Big Shanty Art festival. It was perfect, they very much focus on the kids, so it's mostly free stuff with some other inexpensive fun stuff too. Ethan very easily shimmied up the rock climbing wall.....I swear he's more than half monkey. Syd is still broken, so we cheered him on. She really enjoyed watching the different dance troups up on stage do their thing. Lots of fun local arts and crafts to see. Frozen lemonade is awesome when it's warm out!!! Last but not least, Sami came home from her trip to D.C. She had an amazing time and just wonderful experiences. I'm really glad she had fun but am so happy to have her home. We really missed her. I hope everyone else had a great weekend too.

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