Sunday, April 13, 2008

House of pain

Well, leave it to the Price Crew to never be too far from an ER. It all started a few weeks back with Ethan. I picked him up from a friends house after an overnight when I noticed a large red bump on his forearm. When inquiring what it might be, he replied "I think it's a zit and it's been there for a few days." Well, after inspecting it and explaining to the monkey that zits don't happen on your forearms, I realized it was either a very large splinter or a bite of some sort. I did what they always tell you and circled it with a pen when we got home to be able to check the swelling. Sure enough, the next morning it was WAY outside the penned circle. His forearm was huge and very painful. We went to the doctor that day and sure enough, he was bit by a Brown Recluse spider. Fabulous! While I'm slightly freaking out, he's proud as a peacock with the knowledge that this will leave a scar. Boys!!! I won't give you all the gory details, but he was on very strong antibiotics and it eventually drained on its own. Thank goodness, otherwise that would have been it's own trauma. Let's just say I don't gross out easily, and even enjoy pus at times, (I'm in the medical field), but this was nasty!!! Brown recluse bites kill the flesh and let's just say, he can proudly display his scar. Thank God it was on his arm. And I am greatful it hasn't scarred him emotionally, because he is right back down in the creek where I am sure he encountered this mean arachnid.
Now for child injury #2! A little over a week ago, Syd was skateboarding down the "suicide hill" with a neighbor and her brother. Now, it's really not that bad of a hill, but it's not for wimps either. I would be more worried however, this hill has been in our lives for 5 years and my kids are very well acquainted with it. She had on a helmet and wrist guards, as I am a stickler for safety. However, she did not have on elbow pads! Yup, broke her right elbow! Poor kid, she took a hard fall. Now, we are quite aquainted with our orthopedic guy, so when he came into the exam room, the first thing out of his mouth was " What took you so long?" This is especially true for Syd. This is the 3rd time we've been to him for her. I did ask if we were nearing the limit when he has to call child protective services. He reassured me they can tell the difference between active (clutzy) kids and abused ones. Thank God!!!
So, I am officially burning this skateboard, as it is the same one that Sam fell off of 3 years ago almost to the exact date and broke her wrist. (Hence, why Syd had on wrist guards). I think I have learned........all kids must be bubble wrapped before playing outside.

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