Tuesday, January 03, 2006


You know you are getting old as a gamer when your youngest child challenges you to a new game, you play and get beat. You then tell yourself that it was because you were taking it easy, so don't feel too bad (even though the little snot-bucket is rubbing it in...). You play a rematch, with the skill levels more or less even, and proceed to get KILLED...AGAIN - only WORSE.

Yep, time to think about hanging it up...that, or do what I did, which is basically play all day to get familiar with the game so the next time you play, you win decisively and send the snot-bucket snivelling back to their mother...or, um, something like that.

I wouldn't know, since this entire post is, uh, you know, hypothetical and all.

Now, stop your whining and let's play again...

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