Friday, January 27, 2006

Cycle of Life...

It's been a very crazy couple of weeks. First, one of the people I've worked with forever had his brother pass away. Just as he's getting ready to come back, another co-worker had his grandfather pass. On the same day, my aunt passed. The next day? Well, another co-worker I've worked with forever had his wife pass away.

Currently, we are all working on the same project, so logistics have been fun and concentration has been rare. On a personal note, my thoughts are with each and every person impacted by these losses. Two of the deaths were somewhat expected, while the other two were totally unexpected, however, many people have been and will be deeply affected by these losses.

My thoughts are with you Don, Jim, Mark, Marq - there is nothing I can say which can express my sadness for your losses. Time will help the pain somewhat, but it cannot take away the memories and the good times. Our loved ones live on with us, in our hearts, minds and souls. We recognize them in our friends, families and other loved ones. They've touched all who knew them and have made the world a better place for it. They will be missed and never forgotten.

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