Sunday, February 06, 2005


Ahhh, super bowl sunday. At least the wife's b-day didn't fall on it this year!!! (She had a good one BTW). Anyway, youngest daughter is sick, and both the wife and her are sleeping right now (catching up for last night). So...where to begin on this fine day...?

Oldest is becoming more independent. Not sure if she's gonna kill me, me her, or me myself before it's all done. Geez, she's a good kid and I love her to death, but man I don't know if I can handle all the present holds, let alone the future. As always, open to any words of wisdom (WOW). I may not listen, but will definitely comment!!! ;-)

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Rhonda & Tim said...

My only advice to you Darcy is that you WILL survive this ;).

Happy Birthday To Susan!!!!!!!!! :) Hope it was an enjoyable day!

The Superbowl sucked - the Eagles really need to learn a thing or two about clock management aye! At least they beat the spread (which I had bet on ;)>