Friday, February 25, 2005

Sickness count...

So, here's the month of Feb totals (some might have gotten the rant email from wife, but here's the details and diseases...all dates approxiamate)

Youngest - started us off Jan 31 with a sinus infection...followed by:
Oldest - flu like symptoms on Feb 3 and 4...followed by:
Middle - more flu like symptoms on Feb 7 with encore on Feb 11 followed by:
Oldest - Strep throat - Feb 14 and 15 followed by
Youngest - arrives home from visiting the relatives with the wife and siblings with (drum roll please...) CHICKEN POX. Now, I realize this has been said before in this blogosphere, but again, HE WAS IMMUNIZED!!!! Followed by:
DAD - Strep throat (only been about 15 years, thanks oldest!!!)

Needless to say, Mom wants to flee. Don't think they make enough Lysol disinfectant to please her. She also feels that it is uncomfortable to be in the same house with us which means all of this will be followed by:

Mom getting sick which will probably cause the rest of us to be killed...

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