Saturday, January 15, 2005

Homework Time...

The joys of kindergarden:

So, the boy comes home with homework. It is a crossword puzzle where you look at the pictures and have to write the correct words into the puzzle. Sounds simple, right? Well, one of the pictures looked like a cross between a bus and a small van. The boy chooses van and writes it down. The wife realizes it is a bus and tries to assist, but chooses to let him learn from his own mistakes, which causes the following condensed conversation:

Mom: Honey, I think that is a bus.
Son: Nope, it's a van. Mom, you're helping too much...
Son: Mom, you're not helping enough. (Mom comes back to help)
Mom: Honey, what's this picture?
Son: It's a fish.
Mom: How do you spell fish
Son: f-i-s-h
Mom: So why is this one spelled f-i-n-h? (last letter of van)
Son: Cause the "s" wouldn't fit. I could put it next to it though...

So, after 20 minutes of arguing about not enough help, too much help, and just frustrated screaming - I think the boy finally realized his mistake and corrected it. Personally, it all made me hungry and I think I'm going to go have some finh and chips now...

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