Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

This year, things were kind of hectic for the wife's birthday. Thankfully, I thought ahead. My sister and my wife's best friend Bean were able to trek down for some celebrating. They flew in for the weekend, and it was a total surprise for the wife. I took the day off of work, we went for a nice lunch and were supposed to go to the museum. Unfortunately, that couldn't happen due to timing, which the wife handled well.

However, all through lunch, the yahoos were texting me. "I'm on the plane." "Can't find Bean". Yadda, yadda, yadda. Thankfully, the wife thought it was work, so rather than get suspicious, she got mad. This was cleared up after dinner. Susan wasn't even sure we were going to the airport until we were almost parked, at which time, she started looking for packed bags. When I parked in an hourly spot, she knew we must be picking someone up...but still no idea who. When the girls came up the escalator with b-day hats and horns blaring, it was complete. The moment was so touching, that others waiting for someone started clapping. It was nice, and topped off by an even better weekend. So, with HUGE thanks to the girls and their families, it was wonderful.

Happy birthday Baby!!!

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Unknown said...

Kudos to you for an awesome surprise!