Monday, March 02, 2009


Now I realize, to most of you, this has been a picture of normalcy and torture for the past few months, however, here in GA it's a novelty! Yesterday we got about 4 inches of snow all through out the Atlanta area. Yup, pretty much shut the city down. The kids had a blast playing in it. Though, we are no longer prepared for this kind of weather, so our flimsy gloves and hats had a lot of bouts with the dryer. I did realize just how foreign snow is to our parts when I noticed the 2 neighbor boys were down playing in our yard with just CROCS on.....not the fuzzy ones either! Ok, so we are a little out of touch, but much fun and much hot chocolate was had yesterday. Unfortunately, the snow is mostly gone and the kids had to go to school today.....grumping all the way!

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KellBell said...

You can keep the snow! Have fun with it. :) We're excited because it'll be in the low 60s here today, a more normal thing for you!