Monday, December 29, 2008

Things to remember about 2009...

For us, as I'm sure for many of you, this has been a crazy year. There have been many personal ups and downs as well as those within our communities and nation. Below are some which I want to make note of for the future:

The Highs:
- Meeting Ted Lindsay
- Seeing hockey games at Joe Louis Arena again
- Listening to the middle play violin
- Watching the youngest in chorus
- Watching the youngest recapture enjoyment in playing soccer
- No more travelling for work
- Barak Obama becoming President
- Hillary Clinton NOT becoming President
- Watching the oldest become a nice young adult
- The Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup
- Finally finishing the basement to a useable state

The Lows:
- Missing the NHL All Star game in Atlanta
- My Dad being sick
- My Mom having surgery
- The wife's step Dad having double knee replacement
- The wife's Grandma being sick
- The Detroit Lions going 0-16 and STILL keeping their current President and GM
- Too much work related travel this year
- The economic and housing market meltdown

Obviously, you can tell that all things considered, we've had an exceptionally good year, with less concerns about the lows and truly being able to enjoy the high points. Hopefully this trend continues for us all next year - not just our crew, but yours too!!! In the meantime, feel free to drop comments on whatever I missed or what are the memorable points with your year!

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