Sunday, December 28, 2008

Neighborhood Corruptors...

Apparently, we are the fun household. We had the neighborhood over for an X-mas party on Christmas eve (previous post can be found here). Some of the guests are our neighbors from Florida. Now, these two are very sweet. They do however try to torture me and the wife with running with them, which wouldn't necessarily be all bad, but they are running 5 k and I have trouble running to the bathroom...bygones.

Anyway, we ran into these two yesterday and they proceeded to inform us they had a good time on X-mas eve (perhaps a bit too good a time). We in turn described our Wii injuries as badges of honor. In the end, they're coming for New Years...and I have a new project for 2009. Let the corruption begin!!!

See, I figure I either have to corrupt them to my level or hit them with a car, and not only are they nice, but I don't want to harm my car...its paid off... ;)

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