Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is he serious?!?!?!?

Typically I like to avoid political diatribes on this here blog for many reasons. Generally, it just ends up a good way to tick people off. However, most who know me know I'm not a big Dubya fan, but seriously, the cure for rising gas prices is offshore drilling? You know, that idea that was canned decades ago for how badly it was going to ruin the oceans (specifically reefs).

So, let's see, the running total:

-Start war with Taliban in attempt to get Bin Laden (or force him to hiding forever)...check
-Ignore war in Afghanistan to start another democracy experiment (this time in Middle East) by starting war in Iraq...check
-Wait for gas prices to rise...then suggest drilling in Alaska...check
-When denied expanded drilling in Alaska, suggest drilling in the ocean...check
-When questioned why you suggested drilling in THIS banned location, state its because your a "fisherman" (do NOT mention oil man)

So, with two wars ongoing, national economy tanking, greenhouse gases expanding, the solution is to continue to ruin the environment? I must admit, I don't get it and I can't wait until Dubya is out of office.

If we could impeach Clinton for his discretions (not that I disagreed with that), how is it we can't do the same with Dubya for his incompetence?

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Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON!!!! from Tom & Kelly