Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Suicide Hill...

Kids will be kids. Sometimes, I just wish it would be in someone else's yard.

Today, the neighborhood kids, being good boys and girls, were riding bikes. On the street? Nope, too dangerous. Up and down neighborhood yards? Yep, sounds safer. With permission? Why?

So, the kids are riding down the gigantic Georgia hills. Are they content with that? Of course not. This explains why it is no great surprise when my children come running in to the house complaining one of the kids fell. The surprise? It wasn't my offspring.

See, they decided to ride down the side of the house with all the rocks to make things more interesting. No, they didn't fall in the rocks, that would be too simple. Nope, they rode through the rocks, through the remainder of my cared for lawn, and FLIPPED down the hill behind my house. Again, no surprise the bike was on top of the declared "Daredevil of the Decade". I also wasn't terribly surprised the kid didn't want to move. I was mildly surprised that he wasn't fully impaled upon the blackberry "bloodvines" that have fully engulfed this part of my yard. Then, the kid gets up complaining of a severely hurt wrist. (For those counting at home, this makes 3 children hurt at or near my home in the last several weeks. I blame it on not enough milk being given).

Let the lawsuit commence!!!

I'd be more worried, but see, the kids Dad won't be able to read this post, since he broke his collarbone just yesterday riding a bike. I think I can prove the family just shouldn't be on bikes; they are much more pedestrian (at least for the next 6 weeks!!!).

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