Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day...

Happy Father's day to all you Fathers.

To me, this is a day to truly sit back and enjoy my family. At very few other points in my life do I actually take the time to sit back and enjoy all that life has brought me and how wonderful life really is.

I have 3 wonderful children. They are well behaved, kind and compassionate. They truly surprise me many times throughout the year. On Father's day, I get the chance to actually truly enjoy them and who they are at that moment.

This year, while not being as wonderful as years past, because I had to work, was still great. Normally, we go to the same spot (used to be the zoo when we were in Michigan, now we have other traditions). This year we didn't do much, but we did get to spend some good quality time together and all of the kids (even the oldest) showed me how much they care. My wife, as always, was a huge support, but there really isn't anything like having your kids enjoy the day and come up to give you spontaneous hugs (at least, without it be a preface for "So, Dad...can I(/we/you)...).

All in all, it has been a very enjoyable day and I wish the same for everyone else in the same position. Happy Father's Day!!!

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