Thursday, February 08, 2007

Greeting card folly

I have received many fun, sweet, endearing, hysterical greeting cards to help me heal. I love them all and truely appreciate the sentiments. Here is an example of one of the cards: "Not feeling well?" Inside: "Try farting.....always makes me feel better!" Ok, humorous, especially if you know who it came from, son comes home from school yesterday with the sad story of one of the little girls in his class being out for foot surgery. So of course the class all makes cards for her to cheer her while out of school.....get where I'm going with this?! Thank God he ran it past his teacher before he wrote it out!!! I'm sure my son supplied her family with great dinner conversation last night. Can't wait for conferences!!

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Anonymous said...

As the poor pathetic next door neighbors of the Price Crew, I can only say that your son's idea of a good get well card is pure Price.

Y'all are great! Glad you are feeling better..... I have some new jokes I've been saving for you.

Lots of love!