Saturday, February 24, 2007

Favorite Sock

I am sure boys have just (ok, almost as much) as many hormones as girls. Yesterday confirmed that with my son. Lately he's been eating everything not nailed down and crankier than usual, thus I'm sure he's getting ready to have a growth spurt. Yesterday while snuggling on the couch watching Sponge Bob, the son and I started poking and tickling eachother. During the fun, I noticed his sock had a huge hole where the heel used to be. Thinking is would make him laugh, I grabbed the sock and ripped it the rest of the way. Now in my mind, I'm waiting for peels of laughter at mom's hilarity.....instead I got a deluge of tears! My first reaction was to giggle...once that started, I couldn't contain myself, furthering the deluge! He kept stating "you ripped my favorite sock!!!" "I worked so hard for that hole!" He was seriously ticked off at me. Excuse me while go check his dresser for any other favorite items I may not be aware of.

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