Saturday, June 18, 2005

Father's Day...

I've been doing a bit of travel for work, which is why I've been lax on posting. Somehow, it seems better to be out doing things with the family rather than writing about stuff when I've been away for so long...go figure.

Anyway, it's striking me today just how much my kids have been growing up the last few weeks and thought it appropriate to put a note up about them, life in general, and a happy Father's day note to all the Dad's reading. So, without further adieu...

When I'm travelling I'm usually working a lot, so don't often get a chance to call home and say much more than hi to the family. When I get home however, the whole family rushes to meet me, showing me how much they love and miss me when I'm gone. I get to hear all about the week and while those things are bittersweet moments, I also get to truly appreciate how great my kids truly are - something I probably don't do enough of when I'm around more.

On the weekends that I'm home, we usually spend one day just catching up and another for "Family Fun Day" where we try to find something to do as a family outing. If it's raining for example, we might all go to the library or book store - if not, we might go to the waterpark or pool to play and enjoy. One of our recent rainy day activities was to play about 10 games of Clue. I haven't done that since I was probably their age and we had FUN just playing and enjoying each others company.

What does all this mean? It means that I realize just how lucky a person, husband and father I am. My family helps make me feel special all year round, and all I can truly want for Father's day I already have. I have and get to enjoy my family whom I very biasedly view as the best in the whole world. Usually polite, sweet and caring - but no matter what, they are mine and I truly love, appreciate and enjoy them.

So, to all the Dad's out there reading this, I hope you feel the same about your family that I do mine. You may not do the same things I do, but I truly hope you have the time and opportunity to be shown and to show how much you appreciate each other. To all of the wives and children of fathers, I hope you realize how much your loved one loves and appreciates you and if you haven't already - let them know. Heck, even if you have, do it again... ;)

Happy Father's Day!!!


susabellpr said...

I have the best husband in the whole world....I love you baby!

KellBell said...

Sniff..sniff..that was so beautiful.

Seriously though, a very nice post. I think you have a pretty good family too!!! Miss you guys!