Sunday, November 28, 2004

Welcome to the holidays...

Ahhh, the joyous time of year when we feast on turkey and then turn around and spend lots of money fighting crowds. Happy, happy, joy, joy. This year offered many firsts - my wife didn't get up for her annual running of the sale happy on the day after Thanksgiving...but I did. Worked out pretty well though as I pretty much knew what I wanted to get and I didn't get held up too much. Three hours and I was home singing "I'm almost done Christmas shopping" to which my wife almost killed me.

Next day, the wife and I went shopping for all of the children in our lives. Kind of depressing as I realized that most of the kids are outgrowing Toys 'R' Us - my favorite store. The kids are supposed to stay little forever and they aren't. I guess it's time for them to start smoking and drinking coffee.

So, shopping is almost done and it is now time for the wrapping and such. Tree is up, and we are fully ready for the holidays. Let the fun begin!!! Happy Holidays!!!!

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