Sunday, November 21, 2004

Gone Hunting...

Ahhh, deer season. I just spent another fun filled week "roughing it" with the boys. There's nothing like spending a week out in the woods with loaded rifles and lots of liquor (yep, no danger there... ;)) Another of my favorite reasons for going is to be able to completely lose the technological tether for a week. Time spent without the ability to use the laptop, cell phone or any other such device which keeps me connected to everything is a wonderful break. Really makes you realize how nice things were before this when you hit the airport (or nearest cell tower) and realize that you received 7 business calls in the 5 days being out of reach and only 2 personal calls. Then you add in the email and it is even clearer why getting out of reach becomes so important.

We didn't see much, but we did have lots of fun. It was good to see everyone and as always, definitely worth the price of admission. So, at least from me, the deer are safe for another year. Finally tally through my stay - Hunters 2 (+1 from another locale), deer 30 (rough count of what was seen but not taken from our 9+ hunters for the week). As always, tally is in favor of the deer, but I'm sure the stories will grow bigger than the deer. From Troy's 3 point first buck (which he adamantly claims as a 4 point) to the many other stories which will be relived for years to come. Let the good times roll.

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