Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My hero!!!

Hubby, you are my hero!!! You fixed the washing machine! He seems to take offense to my obvious awe of him fixing the washing machine, but he shouldn't. It isn't because I didn't think you were capable of it, it is the fact that I won't have to go back to the SCARY laundrymat. Have you noticed there aren't any, what I would call, nice laundrymats? At least that is how it is here in GA. Not to mention, it is really expensive. For us to wash not even a whole weeks worth of clothes, it was 28.00. Yikes! It was pretty funny though, the little Asian lady who spoke almost no English, was really worried I'd break the washers. Apparently I looked inexperienced, or looked as frightened as I felt. She put all my quarters in my 7 washing machines, @ 2.50 at load, that was a lot of quarters. But she didn't trust me after I got the first one all clogged up with quarters and she had to jam them out with an old butter knife! LOL. Then in order to further protect her washing machines after watching me put soap in the first machine she put the soap in the remaining machines as well. I am not used to the front load machines, she kept saying "too much, too much....I do" LOL. Thank goodness our machine is back up and running, I don't think the laundrymat lady could stand it if I had to come very often. You are the best hubby!!!!!

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