Thursday, January 17, 2008

GA Snow

Yes it does snow in GA. Not too often mind you, but it does happen from time to time. It snowed about 2 inches here yesterday and it actually accumulated on the ground. The kids were in heaven. All day yesterday, the schools were just as excited as them at the prospect of no school today. Unfortunately, there was school today, and let me just tell you.....not very happy children. There was crying, yelling, and ill wishes of booty soreness wished upon the school superintendant (hoping he fell flat on his booty this am). I got them laughing with cruel expiriments performed on the superintendants head (spoke in a thick British accent) only to discover but a bit of dust for his brain. And I only had to threaten to pull one child by her hair to the bus stop. I just want to know why us parents get blamed for school not being cancelled? Oy vay! Alas, they are all off now, hopefully there will still be some snow left when they get home.

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