Monday, October 30, 2006

Time to plant...the pumpkins?

The children carved their pumpkins this weekend and all of you parents know how much fun that is (it does get better with age). Anyway, the wife told the youngest to dump the guts out in the woods. A little while later, the youngest informs me that the guts have been planted leading to the following:

Youngest: Dad!! I planted pumpkin seeds!
Me: Cool. Where?
Youngest: Out back. You know, where you're trying to grow grass? (me, nodding worriedly) Yeah, right there...

So now, we pause to inform those who don't see it coming - I thought it would go without saying these seeds would, could and should be "planted" on the edge of the lawn.

Nope, these seeds have been planted right outside the back door, below the deck, where the bermuda grass is having trouble keeping root due to lack of enough sunshine. Needless to say, the seeds were dumped (not planted mind you, dumped), roughly in the middle of the back yard.

When I asked the wife? She laughed and stated she told the child to put them in the woods to grow "wild" (at least before we round-up the hill for growth control).

Gotta love kids...cause you just can't kill 'em once you've registered them for school...

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