Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thoughts of family...

I need to mention a friend of mine. This is a close friend, whom for years I've lived somewhat vicariously through. Not because she's necessarily that exciting or anything, but she does have some of the best moments.

There was the time she knew a family of boys...5 of them...and dated them the same time (or near enough).

There was the time that a random co-worker brought her lunch. Nope, not from a restaurant, but a brown bag lunch from home.

There were the stalkers and other offers too numerous to count which have for years provided me with endless entertainment. Through it all, she has been a strong willed, devouted daughter and a great person too.

Unfortunately, recently, her father passed away. As a result, I'm asking all of you to keep her and her family in your thoughts. I know she'll be in mine that time will ease the pain, even if it can't take it away entirely. I know also, they'll be all right, but that warm thoughts always help. For the rest of us, this should also be a lesson to us to remember our loved ones.

Time is short, so enjoy the time you have so that the memories will have trouble fading.

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