Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Belated Father's Day...

I realize this is late, but I was off doing the "fatherly" thing...

The family was busy this weekend, and frankly, this was just fine with me. See, while being a father is a big reason for why I blog - primarily to keep a record of various family related things I'd rather not forget when I'm old and senile (like next year), I realize I still need to make time to make the memories.

Memories like:

Children going for a ride on a pontoon boat for the first time and the middle returning to say "It was fun, but they wouldn't let us stand up even though it was going ridiculously slow".

Mom helping the kids get me a Father's Day gift...which she'd already given me for Christmas...(hey, at least it wasn't a tie).

So many others, but this all explains why our life is a sitcom (as the neighbors describe it), and why we, above almost all else, enjoy each others company.

To my family - thanks for making me feel like the greatest Dad ever. To every other father out there - congratulations!

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