Thursday, March 16, 2006

What fresh hell is this?

Wow, I was so excited!!!! I had this week off of work. My boss took the week off so I thought, what the heck, I will too. My mom came into town, I thought I'd organize the garage which no car can park in, catch up on some things etc.... Let's just start with, as you know, the middle kid breaking her hand. This happened Sunday and of course the ER doc couldn't see the break so sent us on our way without so much as a bandaid. We get the call from the radiologist at 9:30pm that night stating her hand was broken and to come back tomorrow for a spint, and they say NO she can't go to school. I love my kids very very much, but there goes one of my scheduled days off I had planned to shop leisurely with my mom, have lunch, maybe tea. Of course we can't get into the Orthopaedic people until 4:45pm on Monday. Day shot to hell, running into Atlanta, fighting rush hour traffic etc.....Oh well, I really am not complaining (yet), it's one of those things. No big. Really. Until today when I wake up, stretch, and contemplate, ok, house guests gone (check), kids going to school (check), Ok, I plan my day, I think I will go to the gym, figure out what to have for dinner, maybe go to the garden nursey. Sounds great until you wake broken child up and she complains of massive itching at the back of her head. Yup, you guessed it.....raging case of head lice! EXPLITIVE EXPLITIVE EXPLITIVE!!!!! Was I a bad person in my past life, or hell, last week? Damn, I give up, I am never going to ask for leisure time off of work again. As you all know, the last time I did this the son (yes he had the shots) had chicken pox. I am cursed. All of this and of course the hubby is out of town. I really need a large (or multiple) drink(s), except I started a stupid diet yesterday. So, if you come across a flabby, drunk, itchy person running up and down the store isle looking for the Rid, just get out of my way or I will rub my head on you!!!

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! Again - I love your family antics; you make my day with every post! Sorry your life is what it is - but trust me the rest of us enjoy it immensely :) No one but you, girl, no one but you!