Monday, May 16, 2005

Oil Please...

While on a bike ride with our old neighbors who were down for a visit - the youngest pulls off the trail, raises his hand and states he needs oil...(meaning water).

This is amusing, however not without precedent. One of the two visitors had broken her leg and now has a metal rod in it, and she actually started off the oil comment referring to her leg. The youngest didn't catch that reference, so it came off rather amusing.

Getting better however, there was the whole ensemble of the two youngest. One wearing a light blue pirate sleeved shirt with light blue sport skorts and PURPLE tennis shoes. The other - yellow shirt, shorts about 2 inches above the ankle, black socks, black shoes and helment tilted just slightly to the left - coolness extreme. Yep, we didn't claim 'em till we had to.

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